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Our currents conditions link keeps clients informed on issues currently taking place as far as Osceola turkey hunting on our properties and up and coming events and related news.

We have it arranged so that the most recent entry is located on top of the list. The entries are dated as they are posted.

We also utilize facebook for daily updates from our staff including field reports such as harvest photos from our recent clients. You can access this by the following link:

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05-16-12 Our 2012 season was EXCELLENT. We offered twenty-one hunts and harvested twenty-one trophy birds.

Everglades Adventures guarantee's to never mislead the public about our hunts. Our results are posted are from real clients. These are not birds harvested by others such as friends, guides, relatives, family members etc. in an attempt to make it look like we are achieving more than we are. We achieved 100% opportunity with 21 clients in 2012 and have our pictures posted of our clients to show the results. We can provide complete references to posted clients!

2012 Spring Osceola turkey final results: 21 clients in total harvest 21 trophy birds. 3 clients missed their first bird but scored on second. 1 client missed two birds and left empty handed. One client harvested two birds.

Total birds missed at less than 25 yards ended up at 5

Total trigger pulls for the spring season ends up at 26 Everglades Adventures achieved a 100% opportunity at a trophy bird (nine inch beard or better) for 21 clients as advertised prior to season.

Pictures of our client's turkeys can be viewed at the following link: Osceola Turkey Gallery II

07-12-11 Our 2011 season was excellent. We offered fourteen hunts and harvested thirteen trophy birds. We harvested two with nine inch beards, one with a ten and all the rest were over ten and a half with the largest bird at eleven and a half. The heaviest bird weighed 20.14 pounds. The best spurs were inch and three eights. Here are some of our clients 2011 TROPHY birds.

Our 2012 season will have some major changes. First, we will be opening up a new 9000 acre property for our turkey hunts. This property has a VERY large turkey population which has never had turkey hunting pressure. As a result we are for the first time we are offering a GUARANTEED OPPORTUNITY for a TROPHY Osceola turkey on our safaris. We have changed our prices and our options for our hunts. We will be only offering three-day and three-night all inclusive hunts. The cost for these hunts is 2400.00 per person. We have changed the number of hunts offered per season from twelve to thirty six.

We feel these changes places us at the top of the list of Osceola turkey operations in Florida. No other operator currently offers this same guarantee or this number of birds to their clients.

During the last two seasons we have offered Alligator-Turkey or Alligator-Turkey-Wild Boar combination hunts for our clients with excellent success.

We have contracted additional alligator property as well to offer this option to the additional turkey hunters.
We offered several trophy turkey-trophy alligator combinations during our spring season. Here are some of our clients combos.

Father/Daughter Combo. The daughter was the only client in turkey season not harvesting her bird due to a very bad cold. But it didn't stop her from getting her alligator.

Father/Son Combo The father was the only one participating in the combo.


We have recently started working with Lovett E. Williams, Jr. of Real Turkeys located on the internet @ www.Lovettwilliams.com.

I first heard of Lovett over 25 years ago before I started commercial guiding. I purchased his audio tapes of real Osceola turkey calls recorded in the wild here in Southern Florida. These tapes are a must if you are really interested in learning the actual calls of wild turkeys. I went on to purchase most of his books on wild turkeys. My favorite book is the Studies of the Wild Turkey in Florida by Lovett and David H. Austin. This book is a valuable tool for anyone considering hunting and managing wild turkeys.

Lovett now offers many products on wild turkeys including books, yelpers, cassettes, CD's, DVD's and accessories as well as hunting trips for the Gould's Turkey in Mexico and the Ocellated Turkey in Guatemala for hunters looking for their Grand, Royal or World Slams.

Hunters now looking to harvest the Osceola, Ocellated or the Gould's (the hardest three species) can utilize our services to accomplish their goal.


06-30-10 This is a new page as of the launching of our new site. Our 2009-2010 turkey season was excellent. We only had one client going home without his bird. Two mornings we harvested doubles for our clients from the same blind. We have changed our rates to include six different options for our clients for the 2011 spring season. It will be excellent. We are now taking reservations.

Our unsuccessful client was really here for a large alligator. He went home very happy and booked again for next season

Alligator Hunting in Florida Alligator Hunting in Florida

We have leased additional properties as well as added additional guides for the 2010-2011 season. We have EXCELLENT properties for our Osceola Turkey hunts.
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