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EVERGLADES ADVENTURES was established in 1989. The owner, Captain Mark Clemons is a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain and CPR and First Aid Certified. He has been professionally guiding since 1986 and is a native of South Florida.

We are very passionate about our hunting adventures. We feel very fortunate to be able to live and work in the Florida Everglades. We will provide you the best possible Everglades Adventure. Our guides are all native to South Florida and experienced professionals. We use only state-of-the-art equipment that is personally maintained by our owners and guides. Safety is of the utmost importance to us, so we carry all the necessary safety equipment. Our 25 years plus experience allows us to pay special attention to the details so you have an excellent outdoor adventure. We want you to enjoy your first experience with us and continue to use our services for years to come.

We currently operate on numerous large private ranches located in Several Counties in South Florida. These properties consist of more than 75,000 acres in total. Our turkey hunting is conducted on approximately 15,000 of the best turkey habitat. We maintain an extensive management program year round for our turkeys, which includes mowing, prescribed burning and disking. We also have a large feeding program, which includes food plots, and supplemental feeding with automatic solar powered feeders and free choice feeders.

We have an excellent population of Osceola turkeys consisting of dozens of different family flocks totaling several hundred birds on some of the most pristine turkey habitat in South Florida as well as a relaxing environment for you to enjoy your adventure.

Osceola turkey hunting in south Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting in South Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting in South Florida

Persons interested in viewing a video of the quality of our ranches, the vast numbers of turkeys located there and to give you a general idea of what to expect on one of our Osceola turkey hunts, please view the video below:

This video contains footage of one of the many youth hunters we've had the pleasure of guiding over the years.

We also have two Osceola Turkey hunting Galleries. One contains fifty-three trophy birds harvested by our clients and can be accessed by clicking here: Osceola Turkey Gallery I

The second Gallery contains just the birds harvested during the 2010, 2011 and the 2012 spring seasons consisting of 48 additional trophy birds: Osceola Turkey Gallery II

Considering all of these factors we believe we can now offer a GUARANTEED OPPORTUNITY to harvest one of these magnificent birds.

Osceola turkey hunting in south Florida Osceola turkey hunting in south Florida Osceola turkey hunting in south Florida

We only offer fully-guided hunts. Our guided hunts are one person-one guide (one on one) or two persons with one guide (two on one). We assist many hunters each year in their Grand, Royal or World Slams with our specialty in harvesting only customer selected trophy gobblers.

We do not hunt over bait or behind any fences or release any birds prior to the hunt. This is NOT a preserve hunt utilizing pen raised or stocked birds. We only offer PURE (WILD) Meleagris gallopavo Osceola's from the South Florida Everglades.

Spring hunts begin on the first Saturday in March and end the first week in April. This makes season very short only five weeks. This makes it important to book your hunt as early as possible to reserve the dates of your choice. As soon as the state of Florida sets the dates, (usually June 1st) we begin taking deposits and making reservations.

Our Osceola turkey hunts are three-day (three morning hunts, three evening hunts) fully guided (one or two on one with guide) hunts. Licenses are not provided. Our hunts are $2500.00 per person. We like to be on a very personal level with our clients. For this reason our hunts are limited to no more than six persons. We offer lodging on site for those clients interested in staying on the ranch. The additional charge for lodging is $75.00 per-night including meals.

We offer a Guaranteed Opportunity to harvest a trophy bird with an eight inch beard or greater. Our guarantee consists of providing an opportunity at a trophy bird called into less than 30 yards. Once the client shoots, the opportunity has been provided. Client does NOT have the option to pick and choose birds. If the client decides to PASS on a bird to pursue a larger bird then we consider the opportunity has been provided.

If the client shoots and completely misses the bird (the bird is unharmed) which is to be determined by the guide, then we will attempt a second bird if time permits. If the bird is injured and escapes this is considered the clients bird. The client will not be permitted a second bird without an additional charge. If the client misses a second bird, the hunt is concluded. We limit the number of adult trophy gobblers harvested to one per-person, per-season. We only allow the harvest of adult trophy gobblers with beards of eight inches or greater.

We generally achieve a high success rate on our hunts. We achieved a one hundred percent opportunity for twenty-one clients in 2012. Our 2013 and 2014 season also ended with a 100% opportunity. Our 2015 season ended with one client not being provided an opportunity. Our harvest rates are determined by the percentage of successful hunter's vs non-successful hunter's per-season.

We require a 50% (fifty-percent) deposit to confirm your reservation. The remaining balance is to be paid by February 1st. Payments can be made by cash, personal or business check, traveler's check, cashier's check or money order. Checks should be made payable to EVERGLADES ADVENTURES. The deposit and final payment are non-refundable, but are transferable within the current season as scheduling permits. Thirty (30) day advance notice of cancellation is required.

Clients must obtain a hunting license (17.00 for yearly resident, 46.50 non-resident 10 day) and must also have a turkey permit ($10.00 for residents, $125.00 for non-residents) to hunt turkeys in Florida. Complete information concerning requirements of licensing, costs of licenses and purchasing licenses (on-line or by phone with credit card) please view license and permit requirments here.

We suggest that all of our clients be in good physical condition. You should do some pre-season conditioning such as walking a few miles each day. The only physical requirement for this hunt is walking.

Osceola turkey hunting in south FloridaWe suggest the use of only twelve gauge or larger shotguns and using a three-inch or longer, high brass magnum load of twos, fours or sixes or perhaps a duplex two and four. All shotguns pattern differently so please pattern your shotgun PRIOR to your hunt with the loads that you will be using. Most of our shots are in the twenty to thirty yard ranges with a maximum shooting range of forty yards. You should use camouflage tape on your firearm and not a camouflage socks, as they tend to obstruct your sights. Also, you will need some form of soft case for your gun for transporting it on our vehicles.

For this hunt you will need full camouflage clothing in a dark green pattern. The terrain only requires light hiking boots. Your clothing should consist of long sleeve shirts and long pants, face mask, gloves, and a hat. Also you may require some form of camouflage rain gear. You should bring a couple of different camouflage jackets one light and one heavy as the temperature varies from the low thirties to the upper seventies.

You should also consider a small pair of binoculars, small flashlight, as well as any calls, seat cushion, or any other personal hunting equipment that you may require. Clients have witnessed Florida panthers during their hunts the last several seasons as well as Florida Black bears so you might want to bring a still or video camera along on your adventure.

We currently do not allow non-hunting guests along on the hunt, but there are great motels in Naples area or the Ft. Lauderdale area with excellent beaches, fine dining, and plenty of sights to be taken in by your guests while you are in search of your long beard.

We have several professional taxidermists we recommend to handle the complete process of handling the mount and the paperwork. We can arrange to ship your turkey to your taxidermist if you prefer which a whole frozen turkey next-day air to most southern states runs around $250.00. You will need a LARGE cooler for transporting your birds home if you are planning to use your taxidermist and take the bird with you.

Osceola turkey hunting in south FloridaThe Southwest Florida International Airport located in Fort Myers (West Coast) or the Ft Lauderdale Airport (East Coast) are the closest and the most convenient. These airports are located approximately an hour and a half from where you will be hunting. If you are flying into this area for the hunt we recommend that you acquire a rental car available at the airport.

Most clients consider hunting pressure when scheduling an adventure. Hunting pressure is not a great factor to consider with us as we have such a large area to operate. There are many variables other than hunting pressure to consider. Weather is the most important factor to consider when hunting turkeys. Rainfall, length and severity of our winter season, especially late season cold fronts have a determining factor in the time of season in which the turkeys decide to begin mating. Also there are two peaks in the gobbling activity, the first one is the mating peak when the hens are most receptive and the other is after the hens have started setting on their nests. All of the dates which this occurs changes from year to year and remains a mystery to us until after the season has started and we are completely booked.


We also have a facebook page where we update all of our recent adventures with pictures of our clients and their adventures with us. Please visit the Everglades Adventures Facebook Page and be sure to LIKE US.

We utilize Tripadvisor.com for client reviews of our services. This offers clients the ability to read unedited reviews of previous clients written by the clients themselves about their recent adventures with us. Please view the Everglades Adventures Tripadvisor reviews here.

Additional information concerning Osceola turkey hunting in Florida such as what to look for in a hunting operation, what to expect and what questions you should ask the operation prior to coming to Florida for your pursuit of an Osceola longbeard can be accessed at the following link: About Turkey Hunting in FLorida

For additional information concerning our hunts or Everglades Adventures

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